“The beef from LJ Ranch is delicious and convenient.  I no longer need to shop for red meat at the grocery store and I love that it is locally produced and healthy for my family!  Now…if they could only raise chickens too!!!  😊”


“I am looking for 3 things in providing for my family:

  1. Quality – I want to know where my beef comes from and how it was handled to get to my plate.
  2. Price – you can not buy better quality beef at this price.
  3. Convenience – having access to naturally raised beef, cut to my specifications, wrapped and frozen, and delivered to my door.

LJ Ranch provides a high-quality product with service to match.  I highly recommend their product to my friends.”

Stan Cena

“You’ve spoiled us with your beef.  We cannot buy it at the grocery store, because it doesn’t taste nearly as good!”


“We love the beef from LJ Ranch!  It is so tender and tasty and we enjoy the convenience of having a ready-supply of beef for the BBQ!  We also love knowing that the beef we are eating is healthy and natural.  We will definitely be placing another order next year!”

Jennifer Hogan